[Английский язык 4 уровень]

Английский язык 4 уровень

Английский язык 4 уровень

Примерные серии задач интернет-кружка

Примерные серии задач интернет-кружка

1 серия (сентябрь) учебного года 2024-2025

Alex & Alice are happy to see you again! Let's join their new adventures!

Listen to the story and pay attention to the new words shown in the video. Find the definition of the new words and expressions and write them down in your copybook.

Let's repeate 5 types of questions.

Общий вопрос (General question)

"Yes/No question". Предполагает в качестве ответа либо да, либо нет; вопрос для получения общей информации.
Do you like music?
Is she a teacher?

Специальный вопрос (Special Question)

“Wh-question”. Предполагает развернутый ответ; используем вопросительные слова:
What? When?  Where? Why? Which? 
What music do you like?
Where does she work?

Вопрос к подлежащему (Question to the subject)

Вопрос к подлежащему - cамый легкий для формирования вопрос. Нужно взять утвердительное предложение, убрать подлежащее и вместо него поставить who (кто) или what (что). Вспомогательные глаголы не нужны и порядок слов в предложении не меняется.  Есть лишь один нюанс - в настоящем времени добавляем окончание -s к глаголу.

They run in the garden.
Who runs in the garden? 
The books are in the class­room.
What is in the class­room?

Альтернативный вопрос (Alternative Question)

Предлагает выбор между двумя альтернативами.
Do you like classical or popular music?
Is she a teacher or a doctor?

Разделительный вопрос (Tag Question)
Используются для того, чтобы выразить сомнение или получить подтверждение от собеседника ("не так ли?" / "не правда ли?" / "да?").
She likes classical music, doesn't she?

Есть два способа образования такого вопроса в английском языке:

Начало предложения утвердительное + краткий отрицательный вопрос.
You are a doctor, aren't you?

Начало предложения отрицательное + краткий положительный вопрос.
You haven't heard this song before, have you?


Задание 1:

Alex & Alice task.

Complete the sentences with the new words and expressions from the video. Don't forget to use verbs in the correct tense.

1) Rabbit one of the stones and took out a scarlet amulet. 
2) The guard said that he Biker Rabbit during the night shift. 
3) They stood in front of a cave surrounded by .
4) The rabbit jumped into the darkness.
5) He  "follow the rabbit" and a glowing portal appeared in the air.
6) The can open the portal, wearing around his neck a magic scarlet amulet and uttering the phrase "follow the rabbit".
7) They quietly and calmly the setting sun and discussing their recent adventures.
8) The head of Scotland yard said that this was international security.
9) What appeared before their eyes them to the core.
10) They   where Rabbit was arrested last time and saw him there again. 

Задание 2:

Alex & Alice task.

Answer the questions.

1) How long was it from London to Stonehenge by bus?
2) What did Alice persuade Alex to do?  
3) Where was the manuscript?  
4) How the pathfinder can open the time travel portal?  
5) What will happen to the pathfinder without the scarlet amulet in past eras?   
6) How many eras are there in the time travel portal?  

Задание 3:

Choose the correct type of question.

1) It's was a good trip, wasn't it? 

2) How often do you visit your parents in London? 

3) Can you sing like a professional singer? 

4) Who called you last night? 

5) She won't come to the party, will she? 

6) What is going on? 

7) Will you eat fish or beef? 

8) Where is your brother? 

9) Did he stay with you or not? 

10) Do you live nearby? 

Задание 4:

Choose the correct translation for the following questions.

1) Он уже опубликовал ваше стихотворение в местной газете?

a. Did he publish your poem in a local paper?
b. Has he already published your poem in a local paper?
c. Did he already published your poem in a local paper?
d. Has he published your poem in a local paper?
e. Did he publish your poem in a local paper?

2) Он закончил работу 2 часа назад?

a. Did he finished his work 2 hours ago?
b. Did he finish his work 2 hours ago?
c. Was he finishing his work 2 hours ago?
d. Has he finished his work 2 hours ago?
e. Has he finish his work 2 hours ago?

3) Что ты делал в 8 утра?

a. What were you done at 8 a.m.?
b. What did you done at 8 a.m.?
c. What have you done at 8 a.m.?
d. What did you do at 8 a.m.?
e. What were you doing at 8 a.m.? 

Задание 5:

Find a word that should not be in the sentence.

Example: Paula failed the test because it was not too difficult for her.   
Extra word: not

1) The stories say that Robin Hood was a skilled archer and he always have carried a sword.  
Extra word: 

2) Hamlet’s mother gets married again to his father’s brother, the Claudius. 
Extra word: 

3) Isaac Newton got brilliant marks at a school. 
Extra word:

4) William Shakespeare invented very lots of new English words and expressions. 
Extra word:

5) Three witches are tell Macbeth that he will be the new king of Scotland. 
Extra word: 

Задание 6:

Watch the cartoon about cavemen and make the task below.

Это видео находится на youtube.com. Мы не рекомендуем переходить по ссылкам и просматривать другие видео на youtube.com без контроля взрослых.
Это видео находится на youtube.com. Мы не рекомендуем переходить по ссылкам и просматривать другие видео на youtube.com без контроля взрослых.

Choose: True or False.

1) The outside world for the Croods is safe.  
2) The Croods have many neighbours.  
3) Eep's father thinks that going out at night is bad.  
4) Eep's father says that the family members should wait for his signal to go out of the cave.  


Задание 7:

Answer the questions.

1) Where do the Croods spend most days? 
2) What has happenned to the Gorts?  
3) Where the rules were painted?  
4) What is the name of Eep's younger sister?  
5) What did old granny say when she went out of the cave?   

38 серия (май) учебного года 2024-2025

Watch the video to make the task №1 and task №2.

Future Continuous

Время Future Continuous указывает на действие, которое будет длиться в определенный момент в будущем. В отличие от времени Future Simple, этот момент в будущем должен быть указан маркерами времени (tomorrow at 6 o’clock, all day long, the whole morning/evening/day, from 7 till 9 p.m.) или быть очевидным из контекста (when I come, when we meet).

I'll be translating this article all day long tomorrow. - Завтра я целый день буду переводить эту статью.

Образование Future Continuous


I/He/She/It/We/You/They + will be + глагол-ing

I will be working when you come. - Я буду работать, когда вы придете.

Как и в Future Simple вспомогательный глагол "will" часто сокращается: I will be working = I'll be working


Will I/he/she/it/we/you/they + be + глагол-ing

Will she be sleeping the whole day? - Она будет спать целый день?


I/He/She/It/We/You/They + will not be + глагол-ing

I will not be cooking the whole evening! - Я не буду готовить целый вечер!

Как и в Future Simple "will not" часто сокращается: I will not be cooking = I won't be cooking

At 10 p.m. I won't be sleeping yet. - В десять вечера я еще не буду спать.

Краткие ответы в Future Continuous такие же, как в Future Simple.

Will he/we/they be watching a new film? - Yes, he/we/they will.

Задание 1:

Complete the sentences.

1) The 1903 Ball in of the 290th anniversary of the Romanov , was a ball during the of the emperor Nicholas II of Russia. 
2) All the visitors were in in 17th-century style , made from designs by the artist Sergey Solomko, in with historical experts.
3) The dances place in the Hermitage Concert Hall (the court orchestra was also dressed in Old Russian costumes), and lasted one a.m.
4) At the request of the Empress, St. Petersburg's best photographers portrait and group photos of all the participants in the   ball. 
5) The cards in St. Petersburg at the Alexandrovskaya factory, their release with the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Romanovs' dynasty.

Задание 2:

Choose the person and the costume.


1. Duke Konstantine Aleksandrovich Gorchakov 
2. Grand Duke Sergey Aleksandrovich 
3. Grand Duke Andrey Vladimirovich 
4. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna 
5. Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fedorovna 
6. Emperor Nicholas II 
7. Duchess Olga Nikolaevna Obolenskaya 
8. Duchess Elena Konstantinovna Kochubey 
A. the garments of boyarin
B. a Duke’s costume of the 17th century
C. the garments of Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich Romanov
D. festive attire of a boyarin’s wife
E. a duchess costume of the 17th century
F. the garments of Tsarina Maria Ilyinichna Miloslavskaya
G. the garments of a falconer in festive costume
H. the 17th century Polish gentry woman

Задание 3:

Put the verbs from the brackets into the Future Simple Tense or Future Continuous Tense. Use the full form of negation.

1) This time tomorrow they (sit) in the train on their way to London.
2) He  (not return) to that city anymore.
3) She  (stay) at Seagull Hotel if you need her.
4) I  (be) ready in half an hour.
5) Let's meet at the station at 5 o'clock. - Ok. I (wait) for you there. 

Задание 4:

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional affirmative sentences - type I. 

1) If she (travel) to Paris, she  (visit) the museums.
2) If you  (want) to learn a musical instrument, you  (have) to practice.
3) If Sam (go) to the cinema,  he  (watch) an interesting film.

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional negative sentences - type II. Use "would" for the second parts of the sentences.

1) If they (not/wear) pullovers in the mountains, it (to be) too cold during the night.
2) If I (not/study), I (fail) the exam.
3) If I (to be) you, I (not/go) to Kate's party.

Задание 5:

Complete the collocations.

1) If you park there, you will have to  a fine.
2)  I  my shopping at the weekends.
3) She had to a choice between her career and her family.
4) He  no attention to my requests.
5) She me a nice complement yesterday.
6) Please  online and update your reading materials.
7) She can  a secret.
8) Can you   an example of this grammar rule? 
9) The storm some damage to our roof.
10) He still in touch with most of his old school mates.

Задание 6:

Listen to the song of Grand Duchess Anastasia.

Это видео находится на youtube.com. Мы не рекомендуем переходить по ссылкам и просматривать другие видео на youtube.com без контроля взрослых.
Это видео находится на youtube.com. Мы не рекомендуем переходить по ссылкам и просматривать другие видео на youtube.com без контроля взрослых.

Complete the lyrics.

Things I remember,
And a song someone sings,
Once upon a December.
Someone  me and warm,
Horses prance through a silver storm,
Figures dancing gracefully my memory.
Far ,
Long ,
Glowing dim as an ember,
Things my heart used to ,
Things it yearns to ,
And a song someone sings
Once upon a December.

Задание 7:

Imperial Russia in 1905 astonished Alex and Alice more than all the previous eras, but they did not have time to enjoy the attractions of St. Petersburg including the magnificent carriages of the guests invited to the Ball at the Winter Palace. They had to ruin Rabbit's plan to change history and to prevent his meeting with Emperor Nicholas II. The friends found their way into the Winter Palace through the servants' entrance because they did not have an invitation to the Ball. They were looking for Rabbit among the dancing couples and suddenly they saw him. Rabbit noticed the followers and ran away.


Help Alex and Alice find the place where Rabbit hid. Solve the rebus.




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