[Английский язык 3 уровень]

Английский язык 3 уровень

Английский язык 3 уровень

Примерные серии задач интернет-кружка

Примерные серии задач интернет-кружка

1 серия (сентябрь) учебного года 2024-2025

Alex and Chico travelled around the world. They were spending time in the house of Alex's uncle. One day Alex went to the old attic in his uncle's house. He looked around, there were many old things, boxes, toys, old clothes and  furniture. He noticed a small hole in the wall. One brick was missing. Alex checked the hole and suddenly he found there an old peace of paper. He looked at the paper and realised, that it was a secret letter, which his grandfather addressed him. He began to read the letter...


Читаем даты

Для обозначения дат употребляются порядковые числительные.

Возьмем одну дату для примера: 13 сентября. Как ее можно передать на письме и в разговоре?



September 13 (американский вариант)

September, the thirteenth

13 September (13th September) (британский вариант)

The thirteenth of September

Если необходимо указать, что что-то произошло такого-то числа, то перед ним употребляется предлог on:
My birthday is on the 10th of June.

Читаем года

Все года до 2000 года мы произносим следующим образом: делим четыре цифры на две части и
произносим два двузначных числа, например, чтобы произнести "1965 год" мы должны сказать сначала 19, затем 65 nineteen sixty-five.

In nineteen sixty-five (1965) I went to Paris.
В 1965 году я поехал в Париж.

Когда в году есть нули, например: в 1905, говорим следующим образом:

1907 - nineteen oh seven ("oh" произносится как "оу")

Если год 1600, 1700 и т. д., говорим:

1900 - nineteen hundred
1400 - fourteen hunred

Если нам нужно сказать про десятилетие ("в шестидесятые", "в семидесятые" и т.д.):

1970's (nineteen seventies или the seventies)

2000 год мы переводим на английский как two thousand, все последующие годы, например, 2003 - two thousand three (или two thousand and three).

С 2010 года можно читать двумя способами, например год 2012 можно прочитать как twenty twelve (двадцать двенадцать), так и two thousand twelve (2 тысячи двенадцать).

Возьмем одну дату для примера: 15.07.1965. Как ее можно передать на письме и в разговоре?



July 15, 1965 
(американский вариант)

July, the fifteenth, nineteen sixty-five

15 July (15th July)
(британский вариант)

 the fifteenth of July nineteen sixty-five


My birthday is on the fifteenth of July nineteen sixty-five.


1) treasure hunting ['treʒə] - поиск сокровищ (охота за сокровищами)

2) evict [ɪ'vɪkt]- выгонять, выселять

3) court [kɔːt] - двор при правителе (королевский двор); суд

4) accuse [ə'kjuːz] - обвинять

5) capture ['kæpʧə] - захватывать

6) cunning ['kʌnɪŋ] - хитрый, коварный

7) storyteller ['stɔːrɪˌtelə] - рассказчик, сказочник

8) noble ['nəubl] - благородный, знатный

9) railroad ['reɪlrəud] - железная дорога

10) strip [strɪp] - полоска

11) soil [sɔɪl] - грунт, почва

12) iron ['aɪrən] - железо

Задание 1:

Grandfather's secret letter


Dear grandson!

It's me, your grandfather Adam. You're reading this letter, because you can finish the job of my life. Many years ago lynxes (live) in England and our family castle is still there. Lynxes have always been the favorites of the royal family and (to be) close to the court. We (have) a good noble life in England. Сunning foxes also lived in England. Something (happen) between lynxes and foxes and foxes (start) to hate lynxes. One day there was something terrible. Someone (steal) the royal treasures. Foxes (accuse) lynxes and royal family (evict) lynxes from England. Foxes (capture) our family castle. Dear grandson, we must find the stolen treasures and justify our family. 

I (begin) the treasure hunting and...


The rest of the letter was damaged and unfortunately Alex couldn't read a word :(

Задание 2:

Напишите количественное и порядковое числительное. 

21 twenty-one 
21th the twenty-first





Задание 3:

Listen to the audio file and complete the gaps with the dates. 


the third of April eighteen forty-four
day:3   month:4   year:1844

day: month: year:

day: month: year:

day: month: year:

day: month: year:

day: month: year:

Задание 4:

Alex showed the letter to his uncle. Uncle said he knew the legend of the royal treasures but grandfather Adam was a well-known storyteller and noone took him serious. Alex declared that he wanted to find out the truth. Uncle mentioned that Adam had a brother Adair, who also believed in the legend of the royal treasures. Adair lives in USA and Alex wants to visit him to find out more about the family secret. 

Alex can reach Adair's house by transcontinental railroad and uncle tells him some facts about the history of this railroad.

Listen to the audio file and answer the questions.

1) For what purpose people used the first railroad in America? 

2) What did people do with wooden rail-roads? 

3) What time does it take to transport things across the country via Transcontinental Railroad?

Задание 5:

More numbers!

Listen to the audio again. Complete the sentences with the correct numbers.

1) The first rail-road in America was built in .

2) The railroad was built between and

3) The total length of the First Transcontinental Railroad was miles.

Числа в поля ответов напишите цифрами. Пример: 1989

Задание 6:

Watch the cartoon about treasure hunting and make the task below.

Это видео находится на youtube.com. Мы не рекомендуем переходить по ссылкам и просматривать другие видео на youtube.com без контроля взрослых.
Это видео находится на youtube.com. Мы не рекомендуем переходить по ссылкам и просматривать другие видео на youtube.com без контроля взрослых.

Choose: True or False.

1) Children found a treasure map in the box. 

2) Sarah saw a bottle floating in the sea. 

3) Sanjay was upset because they didn't find gold. 

4) Children saw a coconut tree and a crocodile pond on their way. 

5) Parrot could talk. 

Задание 7:

Watch the video again and put the directions to the treasure in order.

Cross the bridge, turn left and keep walking.

Walk straight on until the beach.

Walk 80 metres north.

The treasure is behind the square rock.

Go straight on until the crocodile pond.

Walk straight ahead for 50 metres.

Turn right at the big coconut tree.

Go along the beach for 200 metres.

Go through the cave.

Turn right in front of the big, round rock.

38 серия (май) учебного года 2024-2025

Alex and Alice have a great time in London. They are sitting in a small cozy café next to the Tower of London, drinking tea and talking about their incredible adventures.
Alex: Well, now we can rest and spend the summer in London.
Alice: Yes. After solving a secret of our families, we have deserved a great vacation. You and I were like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.
Alex: Ahahaha, that's right. We have solved this complicated mystery!
Maybe we should open the detective agency, what do you think? :)

Грамматика: Let's repeat "so" and "such"

Слова so и such  на русский язык переводятся "так" и "такой". Когда же следует употреблять so , а когда such?


Прилагательное such (такой) всегда употребляется в группе с другим прилагательным и существительным, либо просто с существительным.
А если существительное еще и в единственном числе, то не забываем про неопределенный артикль.

such + прилагательное+cущ.

Where did you find such an interesting book? - Где ты нашел такую интересную книгу?

such + сущ.

She has such beautiful eyes! - У нее такие красивые глаза!


Наречие so (так) употребляется с прилагательными или наречиями без существительного.

so+прилагательное /наречие

He is small, but runs so quickly! - он маленький, но так быстро бегает!

The concert was so boring- Концерт был таким скучным. 

Наречие so входит в состав распространенных выражений: so often - so rarely (так часто / так редко)

We go to see our grandmother so rarely! - Мы навещаем бабушку так редко!

so many - so much (так много); so few / so little (так мало).

После выражений many - much, few - little существительное всегда будет во множественном числе и подобное сочетание указывает на чрезмерное количество чего-то.

Why do you eat so many sweets? - почему ты ешь так много конфет?

Синонимом so many - much является such a lot of .


1) preserve [prɪ'zɜːv] - сохранять, сберегать

2) hedgehog ['heʤhɔg] - еж

3) guinea pig ['gɪnɪˌpɪg] - морская свинка

4) fossil ['fɔs(ə)l] - ископаемое, окаменелость

5) marvellous ['mɑːv(ə)ləs] - изумительный, великолепный

6) house - дом (сущ); поселить, вмещать (глаг.)

7) extensive [ɪk'sten(t)sɪv] - большой, протяженный

8) artefact ['ɑːtɪfækt] - артефакт, предмет материальной культуры (обычно предшествующих эпох)

an exhibition of ancient Egyptian artefacts -выставка памятников материальной культуры Древнего Египта

9) mycology [maɪ'kɔləʤɪ] - микология(наука, изучающая грибы)

10) archaeological [ˌɑːkɪə'lɔʤɪk(ə)l] - археологический

archaeological discoveries - археологические открытия

Задание 1:

Alice wrote an email to her father about her time in London.
Complete her message with so/such/such a(an).

Dear dad,

Alex and I decided to visit National Gallery, as you recommended us. This museum is   excellent place! It houses one of the richest and most extensive collections of painting in the world. As you told, National Gallery has many Western European paintings from the 13th to the 19th centuries but I couldn't imagine it's   vast! We've spent there as least three hours! We found the works by masters   as Van Gogh, da Vinci, Botticelli, Renoir. The excursion was marvellous and at the end we enjoyed   delicious muffins in the cafe next to the museum. To tell you the truth, it was the best part of the day.

Love, Alice

Задание 2:

Complete the sentences with so or such. Don't forget to use articles where necessary. 

1) We go to see our grandmother  rarely!

2) It's   nice day. Let's go out!

3) It was  unusual for him.

4) Sue is   active girl.

5) The wind was   strong, it was difficult to walk.

6) Please, don’t drive   fast!

7) I don’t know how you can afford to buy    expensive clothes.

8) She is    funny! She always makes me laugh.

9) He is   boring person that everybody tries to avoid him.

10) Mike and Ed are  nice people!

Задание 3:

Drag-and-drop words to make the correct sentences.



2)I'm sorry about what happened yesterday. 


Задание 4:

Find five adjectives in the word snake.  Put the adjectives in the correct form and use them to complete the sentences. 

1) In Mark's opinion History is   than Geography.

2) The blue whale is  animal in the world. 

3) Greece is   than England. 

4) Elvis Presley is one of  rock singers ever. 

5) Who's  girl in you class? 

Задание 5:

Put the verb from the brackets into the correct tense: Past Simple or Present Perfect.

1) She (bring) some chocolates to the party.

2) I (hear) a new song on the radio.

3) He (drive) a motorbike before.

4) I (to be) late yesterday.

5) You (lose) your keys last week.

6) We (leave) the house at 7 a. m.

7) You have (buy) a lot of clothes recently.

8) She (wear) her new coat to the party.

9) We have no classes today, our teacher (fall) ill.

10) Mary (study) English since childhood.

Задание 6:

Watch the video and complete the sentences.

Это видео находится на youtube.com. Мы не рекомендуем переходить по ссылкам и просматривать другие видео на youtube.com без контроля взрослых.
Это видео находится на youtube.com. Мы не рекомендуем переходить по ссылкам и просматривать другие видео на youtube.com без контроля взрослых.

1) Have you   The Tale of Peter Rabbit? It’s a   famous children’s book, written by Beatrix Potter.

2) She and her   kept many small animals as pets. They both liked to their pets, but Beatrix liked drawing animals from her own imagination most.

3) One day, she wrote a letter to her friend’s   , and told the  of Peter Rabbit.

4) She country life very much, and was very in protecting the environment.

5) When Beatrix died, she almost all her farms and land to the National Trust, a charity which protects historic and landscapes. 

Задание 7:

Answer the questions:

1) When was Beatrix Potter born?

2) What pets did Beatrix have?

3) When was her first book published?

4) Why did Beatrix start drawing cards?

5) Why did Beatrix buy lots of farms and land?

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